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Discover a little more about us!


Español S.A. is a business family leader in the field of logistic with intelligent systems for automation and transport within industrial sites. Over three generations have contributed their wisdom in this company based on professionalism, strictness and the guarantee of a well done job. And the result is more than a sixty years offering logistics solutions for companies. Our experience has led us to consolidate our position as leaders on the development of logistics facilities businesses.


Founded by Francisco Español Lacoma in 1948 in a small facilities in Granollers (Barcelona). Our original activity was based on the work of forging and metal.


In the 60’s, in full modernization of the country, they began to build infrastructure that enabled the cities expand around the city center. This led the creation of industrial belts. Because of the spectacular growth of the construction sector, his son Esteve Español Argelich started manufacturing conveyor belts, specially designed for the transport of bulk materials in aggregate plants among others.


In the 80’s, the third and current generation of the Español’s family, Francesc and Miquel Español Martí brothers began to introduce new solutions covering the needs of the leading companies at the time. Allowing the expansion of Español S.A in the national and international market in different sectors of the industrial network. Currently because of to the wealth of knowledge that we have acquired over more than 65 years in the sectors – we are one of the reference companies in technological development for production chains, established in all the sectors of the productive network such as those of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper or electronics among others.

En la actualidad, y gracias al bagaje que hemos adquirido a lo largo de más de 65 años en el sector, somos una de las empresas referentes en desarrollo tecnológico en cadenas de producción, establecida en todos los sectores del tejido productivo, como el de la alimentación, el farmacéutico, el químico, el del papel o el electrónico, entre otros.